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46 f 1200 sherwood group at cabin46 a 1200 sherwood cabin46 b 600 sherwood cornfield43 600 Dave & Virginia Card w lights47 a 600 Jane Carol48 a 1200 Sherwood with Greear Boys34 b 600 John and Caroline Greear32 b 600 fish pool at Greear House29 a 600 Old Home at TroutdaleSol & Helen 1952Greear 1950Greear 194628 600 Greear Porch 194427 600 First station and Warehouse, troutdale26 600 Greear House at Helen, from walk that led to town24 b 600 Helen, Ga, 192641 600 Greear family group Helen, living room, 193922 a 600 Greear boys, David, Phil, Sol, John, Josh22 c 600 John, Jr, Josh & other boys18 Old home in virginia